Story Team

Once upon a time, a kind and benevolent regent wanted to use his talents and resources to make the world a better place. Alongside the regent came a master of communication and mother of dragons who also decided to take on this daunting task of helping the world. Together they formed magic spells and brewed potions that would aid in ridding the world of snake oil merchants and charlatans and empowering the justest and most community-minded in all the land. But they soon realized that they were outgrowing their office (ahem...I mean potion shop) and were unable to fulfill orders fast enough. They needed help from others who would share their in their quest.

The regent and the master searched high, and they searched low for the most powerful wizards, dragoons, mages, clerics, ninjas, and even a few jesters to join their quest. Luckily, they slowly found a group of warriors who believed in forging long-term relationships, listening deeply to others, and telling stories that matter. And so, with an expert team by their side, Story Collaborative was born.

And the story has only just begun...


David Mills

CO-Founder & Chief Growth Officer

David is committed to the importance of every customer and company story. He knows how to dig deep to find fresh strategies that result in trackable growth. He draws his consulting and training from two master’s degrees, four published workbooks, and more than 30 years serving as an national trainer, executive, founder, and consultant to thousands of large and small organizations across the nation. He wants to help build communities not just commodities and believes that the “story is the ultimate human technology.”

When he’s not helping his clients crush their goals, you can find David spending time at home with his wife (the amazing Dawn) of 38 years, his four kids (Aaron, Jennifer, Jonathan and Amy), and twelve grandkids.

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Amy Alexander


Valiant defender of client brands, creative genius, master of graphic design and photography, and mother of (cute, tiny) dragons. With over a decade of experience in graphic design, Amy has developed brand experiences for large and small organizations across the US. After completing her B.S., Amy left freelance design consulting to work in higher education. There she managed print and digital experiences in a collaborative environment. She now has years of creative direction under her belt, providing a unique understanding of customer interaction with brand touch-points. When she’s not slaying giants for her cherished clients, she can be found relaxing and adventuring with her husband (this one), twin girls Morgan and Mallory, and her extended family.

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Jennifer Bailey

Web Strategist

Enchantress of web development, inbound strategy, and creative spell-craft. Among rolling green hills and peaceful forests, an enchantress lived a quiet life surrounded by children and nature. But this enchantress was just as comfortable in the wilderness of the internet as she was in the wilderness of rural Virginia. With deep roots in web marketing, Jennifer Bailey has 15 years of experience in matching hundreds of organizations with new clients. She specializes in cultivating business growth through web development, search engine optimization, content development, and social media. After developing a successful web development and hosting company, Jennifer and her company joined the Story Collaborative team in January of 2016. She and her husband are raising their four children.

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Chad Alexander

Video STrategist

Fifth-Level Wizard of video production, editing, concepts, and strategy. Unofficial Jester specializing in Dad-Jokes.

Deep in the reaches of the grand technical matrix, a wizard was busy at work cracking codes, creating video, and playing pinball. Soon, his skills grew too great to be contained by the matrix, and his role at Story Collaborative was born. Chad is a videographer, video gamer, writer, board gamer, husband to an awesome wife, copy editor, and Doctor Who nerd. Chad spent nearly 10 years in the government contracting sector, has a BS in video communications, and an MS in information systems management. He lives with his lovely wife (Amy, yes this one) and twin daughters in Virginia. 

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Dawn Mills

Co-Founder, Operations Manager

Dawn’s real title is Story’s Matriarch: Fairy Grandmother and Expert Manager of all-the-things. After a lifetime of caring for, teaching, and nurturing those around her, this Fairy Grandmother used her magic to start a company with her beloved family and Story Collaborative was born. Over three decades, Dawn has managed a junior high classroom, coached hundreds of non-profit organizations across the country, and used her magical skill set to keep Story Collaborative running like a well-oiled machine. She loves to spend time with her husband (this one), four children (this one, and this one, for example) and twelve grandchildren.

Core Team Members

In a cave of wonders, a lamp was found amongst piles of glittering treasure, literature, and notebooks full of ideas. Out of that magical lamp popped ... our core team (yes, really). Our core team members are just the type of quick-thinking, detail-oriented, and invested personalities you want on your side. Ready to reach the business goals of every client, these team members are equipped with the technical knowledge necessary for our inbound marketing approach.

Kath Corgan

Graphics Design
Magical creator of beauty and caster of visual spells. Once upon a time, an artist lived in a verdant green meadow beside a babbling brook. Her work was so lovely, it was rumored that perhaps she used a bit of magic in the conjuring of her creations. When Story Collaborative needed a fresh dose of creative beauty, Kathleen Corgan Joined the team. She has a BFA in Painting from the Boston University School of Visual Arts, a BFA in Cinematography in Film Video Arts, NYC, and a Digital and Graphic Design Studies Certificate Program at Westchester Community College. She and her husband have a nine year old son, and when she’s not crafting visual spells for Story, you can find her on a baseball field, cheering on her son from the first base line!

Katie Andersen

Content Creator
Once upon a time, on the shores of Long Island, a mermaid who loved words longed to be where the people were. (Plus, books are much easier to read on land.) When she got her sea legs, she joined Story Collaborative. With a combined twelve years experience in both publishing and sales, Katie has served diverse populations spanning the educational, medical, real estate, and cybersecurity fields. Katie is passionate about the whole child approach to education and enjoys volunteering her time as an elected trustee on the local public school board. Fueled by salty sea air and maximum-strength coffee, Katie and her husband, Erik, have settled their family of five on the North Shore of their native Long Island.


Without the expertise and dedication of our emeritus team, Story would not be who it is today.

Ashlee Rolkowski

Emeritus Advisor

Kala Malvaso

Emeritus Advisor

Sara Reitenbach

Emeritus Designer